Life is (never) Flat…

You made a fool of me.  At first i dont even care. I used to have that.
You laughed me at every moment we met.  I tried to be patient.
You still made a joke of me. Ok,it started to disturb me.
You asked a lot of things while we had some chats.  Don’t you even care that it made me so tired to think.
I hate to meet you.  It makes me look like a fool.
You said that it is my fault. Why i have to be this funny?
What??  You’re such an evil!

The time goes by…
The condition made us to meet so rarely..
I yelled, happily to think that no one will disturb me anymore..
I enjoyed the times, and went to everywhere with nothing to worry about..

Oneday, i walked into the corridor..
I just realized, there’s something missing..
I tried to guess, but i had no clue.  So, i kept walking..
Ahh… i know, the reality surprised me.  My flat life is back!
Without your foolish eyes pointing at me anymore…

I start to remember.. to feel.. to think..
I’m looking back to the past, seeing the present and searching forward.
Yet, i realize that we have a different path
You’re a saint, i’m a sinner.
Still i will loose every chance to know you better

Watching those stars up there, taking a deep breath.
All that i want to do is just to say thanks to you..
For made me smile a little brighter and laugh a little louder…..


Random Photos Captured #part 1

Well,I just wanna share some of pictures taken from my camera. I think that it wasn’t really good enough because I’m only a freshman in a photography thing and I only used the ordinary pocket digital camera.. But, still i wanna share it. The pictures taken from every place that I’ve ever visited recently, and it will start from the newest to the pass.. Here they are..

one road side at Clarke Quay area–night mode

Clarke Quay — the real river side,  too pity that i couldn’t try to ride the boat, it travels along river from the merlion site to that place.. :((

Marina Bay Sands.. Bridge side at twilight..

Hanabi~ Fireworks at Song of the Sea…

If you go to Sentosa island in Singapore for the first time, just stay untill the night comes, there’s an interesting show that have to be seen.. yup..yup it’s the “Song of the Sea”.. Kind of wonderful fireworks performance at the beach.The song of the sea show is a story with laser performance at the sky for about 45 minutes.. Well, i just think that the story isn’t really important, but the fireworks are awesome… You will feel that it is a really wonderful night..(for sure)… 🙂

I’m a beginner in the photography things. But, i just wanna share you some of pictures that taken from my pocket camera.. Here they are..

awesome fireworks

an awesome fscene at the Song of the Sea show

A beautiful princess that the man of the story searching for..

this face is performed by laser at the sea sky…

well, unfortunately i forgot this fish's name.... Lol..

the most blurry picture taken during the show.. it just so hard to catch the fish’s face.. well, the fish show up very often, but i don’t even know why I couldn’t get the nice picture one.. 😛

well, i guess the high school students that sat in front of me are from China, i’m not pretty sure about that..! 😀 😀

from left to right: Yuri, Uli, Nita, Ebeth, Uten (me), Anin…Picture taken by: Singgih ( a lot of thanks to him! 🙂 )

Yeeah.. it just a little part of our enjoyable moment during the show.. I hope that Indonesia will have the better show one since there are a lot of beach in this lovely country.. But, the better one means not to copycat, right?! 🙂 🙂

Turn Back the Time

There is a girl named Julia looking at the sky from a window..

“What are you looking for?” I start to ask unwisely

“ There’s nothing up there except the white cloud..” my mouth began to say something rude

She just smiled beautifully…

Then she turned back to see me and said “ a memory..”

“about a brother..” once again she looked back at the sky

I yelled to my self “ great, I’m bothering someone right now!”

“ He is a cheerful, smart, wise, and humble person” suddenly she told me

“I was a foolish person at that time, but we have the same high dream”

“We made such a big effort to reach that dream..”

“ We learned, prayed and discussed together..”

“I often asked him questions because I know nothing…Then he taught me many times ..”

“But, when he started to confuse while I know the answer is.., He asked me back”

“ It seems like there is a disaster coming through in my mind…”

“I just know it, I said.. it confused me too, but I think I know…without any longer explanation..”

“He just smiled again.. and stopped to ask”

“I feel so bad.. but, there is nothing that I can do.. I have a lack of-ability-to explain-disorder..”

“So, what happen to you and him now?”

“Well..” she cheers “He become what he want.. He reached our dream himself while I couldn’t..”

“Then, we had a different world.. separated by the distance also..”

“One day, we just started to share about our own new world..”

“ “I have to study hard till overnight..” He sigh..”

“And I sigh,,, “I have to study a kind of world that I know you could do the way better than me..”

“I had to start learned from zero for being able to compare with my friends…”

“Well, I was too afraid that this feeling growing deeper”

“So, I cut the line..”

“But, it just hurts me more..”

“And I did regret what I’ve done..”

“Somehow, I need someone to share..”

“Once again, I tried to reach him..”

“But it just seems like he  refused me at that time..”

“Then, I realized.. that…”

“He has found his own happiness..”

“With his good personality, his beautiful mind and his faithful in God..”

“He’ll help people a lot just like our dream… He’ll be a great person…”

“I used to know these at the first time I saw him..”

“He and his sincere smile..”

“Julia, what a pathetic life that we have..”

I smiled to my own self,

it has been many years from now…

I was so young and foolish

Sometimes, I wish that I could turn back the time

But I don’t want to stay there anymore

I’ll just step out and go..

I’ll try to catch my other dreams..

Then I’ll be fine, I promise..

The Deadliners…

It is twilight at the end of saturday when I’m sitting on my room and trying to do all of my assignment. Well, sebenarnya, dari tadi pagi saya sudah duduk manis di depan notebook dengan schedule **tugas-tugas yang harus diselesaikan pada akhir pekan** yang sangat padat. Dimulai dengan mencoba menyelesaikan proposal skripsi (tujuan hidup semua mahasiswa semester tujuh di dunia.. haha..). Senin lalu, saya sudah mendapatkan hasil koreksian bab 1 dari Mr. Jun Pyo (nama sebenarnya cuma 3 huruf depan, but I love to call him ‘Jun pyo ssi’ since he went to South Korea last month! :p) yang harus direvisi. Dan deadline tugas hari ini adalah sisa “bab 2: tinjauan pustaka” sudah sebulan lebih berusaha dikerjain tapi belom selesai juga, plus “bab 4: metode penelitian” yang tinggal ketik tapi juga gak kelar-kelar. Hehehee.. Padahal menyelesaikan proposal hanyalah satu bagian kecil dari semua daftar tugas. List tugasnya masih sepanjang gulungan roll film jadul! (lebai mode: ON).

Sudah menjadi kebiasaan buruk bagi saya bahwa setiap kali ada tugas yang membutuhkan pemikiran ekstra dari otak kiri, maka otak kanan saya akan memberontak dan mengatakan dengan penuh semangat kalo dia punya segudang hal menarik plus artistik sehingga saya tergoda untuk mencobanya terlebih dahulu. Sebagai contoh, kalo saya punya tugas kuliah yang butuh membuka 4 literatur buku sekaligus, maka saya akan berpikir ulang untuk memulainya, dan disela pikiran itu tiba-tiba bermunculan ide,,, mulai dari mengganti cover binder dengan design baru meskipun bayangan grafisnya masih samar-samar yang artinya adalah saya harus membuka literatur lay-out design dari tumpukan majalah, baca buku resep trus membayangkan bikin crepes dengan kreasi baru, baca blog orang, ngedit foto sampe gunting-gunting kain flannel buat hiasan. Well, I prefer to open up those magazines better than the thick books.. J

Ternyata hal tersebut juga terjadi pada ibu saya. “Like mother like daughter…” Hari ini ibu juga punya tugas kantor yang harus segera diselesaikan karena Senin besok, sekolah beliau akan didatangi pengawas sertifikasi. Tugas tersebut adalah membuat laporan kisi-kisi pembelajaran yang sudah dilakukan selama satu semester (FYI, she’s a math teacher). Tapi,,, dari pagi sampe sore tadi ibu mondar-mandir ke dapur, ke kamarku, ke kulkas, balik lagi ke kamarnya trus ke kamarku lagi dan bertanya:

Ibu: Tin, kamu nggak pengen makan?

Me: nanti aja deh, ini masih ngetik.

Ibu: Oh ya sudah.. Nanti kalo mau makan takgorengin ikannya

Me: aku bisa koq, ntar aku goreng sendiri aja, Ibu kan banyak kerjaan

Ibu: gak apa-apa deh, ibu aja, lagian dari tadi ibu masih belom bisa nulis, sudah ada gambaran konsepnya, tapi masih dipikir-pikir dulu. Hehe..

Heeeyyaaa… sama aja ternyata. Ibu mengakui kalo sepertinya beliau lebih memilih memasak daripada mikirin soal matematika. Meskipun  besok pagi konsep soal sudah harus diserahkan ke temannya buat dibantuin ngetik, saya dilarang untuk mengingatkan ibu tentang tugasnya. Tapi ibu tetep aja bolak-balik ke dapur, kamar saya, dapur, kulkas, kamarnya lagi. Malah tumben-tumbennya dengan senang hati ngajarin ayah caranya memproses paru sapi supaya lebih empuk dan enggak berbau (suasana Idul Adha mode: ON). Cara: rebus paru dengan air ditambah beberapa sendok nasi, thats real!

Well, dari pagi hingga siang kerjaan saya juga masih buka facebook, nonton episode 1 Scrap teacher (dorama), baca-baca resep pancake di tabloid ”Saji”, menyelesaikan novel ”Lilian cooking clas” (a gift from my bestfriend. Thx a lot, Sara!), mencari toko buku online yang mungkin menjual ”Petir” by Dewi Lestari (susah banget nyarinya dan ternyata di online shop juga nggak ada.. hiks). Hingga akhirnya, saya memutuskan untuk melanjutkan ketikan proposal mengingat notebook saya sedang diservis sampe kira-kira seminggu ini (now, I’m using my sister’s), kejaran deadline dari Mr. Jun pyo serta bagaimanapun juga saya ingin sidang secepatnya…

20.22 pm now…. dan saya masih trus didepan notebook pinjaman… bukan untuk menyelesaikan proposal, bukan untuk mengerjakan tugas kuliah yang lain pula, tapi ternyata…saya malah keasyikan nulis di blog padahal sudah jutaan tahun lamanya tidak saya lakukan… Dan, bagaimana dengan kabar ibu saya? Ya..ya..ya… sekarang ibu sedang berada di Surabaya karena tiba-tiba ada saudara disana yang sedang mendapat musibah. Lalu, bagaimana dengan tugas beliau?

“ konsepnya sudah jelas, tapi belom ditulis…”

” sudah.. jangan diingetin lagi….!!”

Hmm… what a mother…  and her daughter.. But, I promise I’ll finish my proposal…. Today…or.. tomorrow morning.. :p….

Because I’m Stupid

I’m really, very foolish
I know of no one other than you
you’re looking at someone else
yet you have no idea of my feelings like this

I won’t be in your days
I won’t be in the memories either, however
only you, I looked only at you
and the tears keep coming

As i watch you walking past, I’m still happy
even yet you still don’t know my heart
I should stop this and go

I won’t be in your days
I won’t be remembered either, however
only you, I looked only at you
I’m making memories alone

Loving you is like having a beautiful wound
I look at your pretty smile also
but I cannot laugh with you

( some translation parts of:   OST Boys Over Flower)

Just Overview about…

Hmm.. Long time no Blogging….kyaaa.. sudah lama g nge-blog. Padahal aku sudah berjanji bakalan meramaikan blog-ku sewaktu “liburan-terlalu-amat-panjang-hingga-membosankan” semester kemaren. Cuiih, semua sudah berlalu. Liburan sudah usai, malahan sekarang lagi semester 5 in progress..alias sudah berjalan hampir sebulan dan baru kali ini aku sempat menulis.

Kira-kira posting terakhirku adalah dua bulan yang lalu. Well, terlalu banyak peristiwa yang terjadi. Dimulai dari penantian hasil uas semester empat yang bikin dag-dig-dug dan berakhir dengan kata “Alhamdulillah”, interview panitia ospek yang akhirnya sukses karena BEM lagi kekurangan crew buat ngospek (yaah….??!), jadi panitia sumpah apoteker yang keuntungannya berlipat ganda (dapet souvenirnya mereka, “all u can eat”, duit pula,,hehehe).

Trus, job description ku sebagai anak pubdok ospek bertambah gara2 sie pubdok digabung bareng sie perlengkapan!! Yah, awalnya aku seneng-seneng aja waktu harus dapet tugas mendesain perlengkapan panitia ospek, (daripada jadi pengangguran di rumah). Dengan semangat tingkat tinggi aku belajar mendesain id card panitia, pin, spanduk de el el, minta sumbangan ide dari sana-sini, ngrecokin anind buat tanya2 tentang corel draw (padahal dy lebih sibuk lagi gara2 APDSA), nggangguin tbt untuk mencari inspirasi (sori, bet), berhenti sejenak tiap kali liat desain apapun, sampe beli majalah kawanku buat cari paduan warna. At last yang paling bikin ngrasa berdosa adalah: waktu minta diajarin photoshop sama nindie, laptopnya jadi kena virus gara2 flashdisk-ku.Hikz… Well.. sedikit berlebihan memang..gimana enggak, istilahnya “ Start from Zero “- belajar semuanya dari awal.

Hampir sebulan pula ospek menyita waktu liburku, belom sempet liburan kemana-mana. (aku jadi menyesal gara2 cuma ke jombang sekali waktu liburan, hikz..). Mulai dari persiapan sampai hari H tiba. Sampe pada satu titik jenuh (dasar pembosan!) aku memutuskan untuk absent hari terakhir ospek akibat meng-iya-kan ajakan “res3 n d’gank” ke Malang. Alhasil, kita berlibur selama dua hari berkeliling dari kota Malang hingga ke gunungnya (All girls party: utain, res3, aninz, nyit, re2, poe3). Mulai dari terpaksa berdesak-desak ria naik kereta ekonomi, renang di Arraya, numpang narsis dimana-mana (poto2, red), nekad ke Cubanrondo-Dewi Sri berenam cewek semua bermodalkan keberanian anin sebagi driver kita, trus jalan dari rumah res3 ke MaToS melintasi kampus Unibraw yang ternyata jauh juga. Hehehe…

Oiaa, kebetulan waktu di Cubanrondo kita ketemu maba2 dari berbagai universitas yang lagi di-camp sama senior2nya. Ospek hari gini ternyata masih banyak juga yang memperlakukan maba dengan rada keterlaluan. Ex: ada yang mukanya dicoreng2 kayak macan trus disuruh pake tas dari kaos dalem cowok yang sepertinya bekas pakai..(ato sengaja dikotorin?! i don’t know..) untung mabanya cow smua..Hehehe..

Di perjalanan pulang dari Cubanrondo, jendela kaca mobil pada dibuka sama anak2. Alasannya sih, biar kita bisa menikmati udara segar dataran tinggi..Eh, begitu mobil kita nglewatin para maba yang lagi dimarahin ama seniornya, si Nyit mulai iseng teriak “SOLID…SOLID..” niruin yel2 almamater mereka, akhirnya yang laen ikutan teriak2…Hyaah..alhasil semua orang pada noleh ngliatin mobil-innova-item-milik Pak Djoko,bapaknya Rez3-berpenumpang-enam cewek aneh-yang untung2an-masih bisa menikmati-lebaran. Sepanjang jalan anak-anak iseng teriak2..Kalo kebetulan lagi lewat area mahasiswa dari unair, anak2 langsung nyanyi hymne Airlangga.. Ato ditanya2in dari jendela kaca..

“Unair ya, mbak…??”

ya iya laah..dari jaket almamaternya aja sudah kliatan…

Trus sewaktu ada gerombolan cow2 lewat, ada salah satu dari mereka pake kacamata hitam model Ian Kasela (hooek..). Terang aja, semua yang di mobil langsung pada teriak..


Yeah, gerombolan itu pada noleh plus ngomel2.. Untung kita nggak sampe dikejar2 sama mereka..Huhuhu..Bayanginnya aja sudah merinding. Bisa-bisa kita berenam habis dihajar massa. Hehehe…

Yang lebih memalukan lagi, aku duduknya di deket jendela. Dalam hati aku cuma bisa pasrah dan berdoa “smoga enggak ada yang kenal…!!”

Fiuuh…Alhamdulillah, liburan panjang usai sudah.. Long holiday with nothing to do memang menyenangkan. Tapi lama-lama bosan juga. Kadang-kadang kalo lagi liburan gitu malah jadi kangen praktikum (praktikumnya aja, nulis laporannya kagak!). Kangen kesibukan kuliah, kangen ketiduran waktu kuliah duduk di bangku paling depan, yaah…asal nggak “Kangen Band” aja..(Hii….!).

Finally,A new day has come.. Semester baru sudah dimulai. Sudah hampir sebulan malah. Well, liburan kemaren masih menyisakan satu tugas. “Bikin sertifikat buat panitia ospeeeek…..!!!”. Huaah,, hampir tiap hari aku kejar-kejaran sama KooR-ku+ ketua panitianya.

“Yustin, sertifikatnya mana?? anak-anak sudah pada minta tuh…”

Aku cuma bisa meringis dan memelas, ” He..he..he..abis lebaran aja ya…?!”

Huuuuuuuuuu……………………………..Semester baru, Semangat baru…


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